Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a week, What a week...

Well this week has been a doozy!  Monday, Me, my Dad and Vanson went to pick Kynlee up at school.  She wanted to go straight to the barn to ride her horse, Honey.  We got to the barn about 4:00.  She and Vanson were having a BLAST riding in the arena when I noticed her saddle was getting loose.  I told her to come to me so that I could tighten it, she did.  She had stepped on her right stirrup to "straighten" it when it all of a sudden, it fell sideways and she and Vanson went tumbling to the ground!  Vanson was fine because Kynlee broke his fall but when she stood up, she said..."Mom, look at my arm!" Yep, there it was, bent in a direction it shouldn't have been going!  IT WAS BROKEN!   My Dad and I took her to the clinic and yes, it was confirmed that she has broken both bones in her right arm.  They then sent us to the Kell West ER to have it casted.  We got there and all they could do was put a splint on it and said to follow up with Dr. Wilson tomorrow, (Tuesday).  So Tuesday morning I called them and they made an appointment for us to come in.  He looked at her xrays, and said that he was going to have to "set" it, but that he wouldn't do it unless he put her to sleep.  Which is always nerve racking, but I was soooo glad he didn't just set it without any medication.  So we went over the hospital and he came over shortly, they put her to sleep and set it and casted it.  The whole procedure took a total of about 10 minutes but she was actually under anesthesia and asleep for about 45 minutes.  She woke up to find that she had a pretty pink cast and ordered me immediately to go to Wal-Mart and get her some sharpies so she could get her friends to sign it!  The worst part of the whole thing was probably her getting the IV when we first got to the hospital.  She was screaming!  Anyways, things are going good and I haven't had to give her any pain medicine. Thank goodness!